Warm weather brings out red belly black snakes

The weekend's cold snap has given way to sunny days and temperatures in the 20s ... and brought snakes slithering out of hibernation.

If the plovers nesting, the magpies swooping and the magnolias blooming in mid August aren't enough to show that nature seems to be completely out of whack, now some slithering reptiles have been spotted.

Gresford resident Ian Butler snapped these photographs on Tuesday afternoon when he was on his way back from the rainforest to check on the dams in his property, Kardinia.

"This red belly was searching out for mice or frogs in the crevices of the dry dam and just sunning himself," said Ian.

"I pulled the car over and just watched him and thought I'd get some photos.

"It's a bit early, I think the warm weather we just had and then the cold snap and then the warm weather again has brought them out."

He said it was a timely reminder for others to take care when out and about.

"The blacks are more scared of you and will take off, but the brown snake is different, they will have a go at you," he said.

"I don't mind when I can see them, it's when you don't is the problem! "