Michael Johnsen MP reassures Dungog Council staff

State MP Michael Johnsen is in Dungog today to meet with council staff following the fallout from the resignation of the Mayor, General Manager and three councillors.

Mr Johnsen said he was waiting for the office of the Minister for Local Government to contact him “at any time now” regarding his calls for an administrator to be appointed.

With the resignation of the four councillors – which follows the resignation of the Deputy Mayor last month – the council will be unable to form a quorum to meet and make decisions.

“The staff are currently leaderless and need direction and reassurance that they have support behind them,” said Mr Johnsen.

“We need to support the Dungog community as the NSW Government.

“I want to let the staff know the NSW government is not abandoning them nor the community of Dungog and we will do everything we possibly can to fix the situation as quickly as possible to allow business as usual, particularly for the staff to get on with the job and deliver the services that Dungog residents expect.”

More to come.