School awards: Dungog High School | PHOTOS

Dungog High School celebrate its students achievements with the presentation of special and year awards.

Special awards

University of Newcastle award for academic excellence: Aleesha Foley

Phil and Mary Atkin Outward Bound memorial scholarship: Rhys Beaumont

Ron Kennedy award for creative writing: Grace Buckley

Lions Club award for citizenship and academic worth: Gemma Evans

Emma Long memorial award for visual art: Allissa Redman

Dungog Rotary Club award for community involvement: Ronnie Piper

Lara Aged Care for student volunteer in Adopt-a-residnet program: Ryan Pike

Milton Morris award for diligence in reading: Jordan Brown and Jennifer Fisher

Dungog High School P&C award for citizenship: year 7 Alecia Swallow, year 8 Clare Richardson, year 9 Ella Kennedy

Sue Clifford memorial award for diligence in studies in support unit: Adam Moss

Dale Glass Industries award for industrial technology in year 11: Rhys Beaumont

Dungog Shire Council John Hawley OAM memorial award: Amyrose McLoughlin

The balance award for valuing and promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours: Georgia Stewart, James Hickey, Ashleigh Fordham, William Rooke, Amy Whelan and William Cook.

Kassandra Long community award for respecting diversity: Chloe Burns

Alex Bale achievement award for achieving personal best: Jasmine Bates

Lifestyle solutions improvement award for striving to do their best: Acelyn Towers-Brown

Dungog-Clarence Town CWA prize for food technology in year 9: Tara Tolhurst; and contribution to creative and performing arts: Ronnie Piper

Clarence Town Lions Club encouragement award in year 8: Annabelle Watson

Reuben F Scarf award for consistent effort and the desire to improve: Emma Field

Youth Express engaging in education award for VET students: William Hickey

Tristania Tops award for excellence in agriculture: Monique Kerr and Taylor Hack

Dungog RSL Sub-branch prize for history: Tara Tolhurst

Australian Defence Force Long Tan leadership and teamwork awards: Ian Parsons and Jared Ford

Dungog CWA Evening branch award for contribution to music: Gabi Griffith

Lioness Club encouragement award for improvement in year 7: Callum Anderberg

Peter Ryan prize for citizenship, scholarship and sportsmanship in the junior school: Lillian Hooke

Lightfoot environmental award: Eloise Hitchens

Wangat Lodge prizes for earth and environmental science: Rachael Pace

Fosterton Community Trust encouragement award for agriculture: Shannon Smith

Katie Rumbel memorial award for strength of character: Ellie Huckstadt

Dungog Historical Society prize: Georgia Walters

Fred Wylie Prize for industrial technology (timber): Gavin Fisher

Ray Redman prize for agriculture: Cameron Hawes

Daniel J Whitbread excellence in drama award: Kirsty Wand

Year awards

Year 7: Jeremy Nunan, Elena Williams, Georgia Waters, Emma Field, Decland O’Sullivan, Becky Tickle, Mitchell Carter, Ella Presland, Jade Taylor, Toby Ware and Jorgia Watts.

Year 8: Damon Boland, Abby Crowe, Grace Kellemen, Tabatha Beisler, Pheobe Pritchard-McFadyen, Clare Richardson, Sarah McKinna, Broc Hunt, Lily Lean, Georgia Stewart, Jessica Lightfoot, Jazmin Neilson, Hamish Middlebrook, Jack Fisher, Matthew Edwards and Declan Gilbert.

Year 9: Monique Kerr, Tara Tolhurst, Henry Wheeler, Harry Flynn, Lillian Hooke, Marina Keller, Patrick Chant, Alexander Clayton and Paige Neilson.

Year 10: Ellie Huckstadt, Ian Parsons, Nelson Eyb, Eloise Hitchens, Taylor Hack, Isabella Hudson, Ashleigh Fordham, Georgia Fryer, Eva Davies, Cameron Hipwell, Gavin Fisher and Shannon Cummings.

Year 11: Rhys Beaumont, Ryan Maginnity, Rowena Dillon, Courtney Wevers, Sophie Harley, Kirsty Wand, Olivia Key, Daniel Muddle, Madalyn Skinner, Rachael Pace, William Cook, Levi Neave, Jordan Long, James Jenkins, Grace Buckley, Rebecca Hudson and Callan Sanderson.