Rumbel wins 2021 euchre points score

Rumbel wins 2021 euchre points score

The 2021 point score has been won once again by John Rumbel with a score of 88. Bob Taylor came second on 82 and Terry Barnes third on 81.

This week's winners were Lyn Mackay and Jeff Studdert who won 15-10 from Brian Muddle and Laurie Rumbel, who couldn't compete with some of the hands that were dealt.

Needing a point, Lyn ordered Brian up on hearts as she had both bowers. Leading with the left she drew out the hearts of the opposition.

The second trick she led with the ace of diamonds which Brian trumped with the king of hearts.

The third trick was won on suite by Laurie. On the forth trick Lyn used the right bower and with both teams needing the last trick, Lyn led with a spade but she had a good partner in Jeff who still had a trump card to win on the last trick claiming the game 15-10.

The beaten stakes was a one sided game with Lindsey Darr and John West defeating Glen Lewins and Rodney Forbes 15-3.

The final of the championship is to be played this week with Ian Cummings and Dennis Turner playing Martin Turner and Bob Taylor.

This Friday night it will be free entry for all players. There will be ham and meat tray raffles.