Dungog community centre: Embracing a stronger community together

Together a stronger community… this is the motto of the community centre, it is the foundation to our work and the way we approach the support, services and assistance that we offer.  It is also something that the staff and the management committee fundamentally believe in.

We see it every day at the community centre. An individual walks in with their own private challenges, issues or concerns.

They sit with our staff and TOGETHER they work through the confusion so that there is a clear path forward. Not a path forward alone, but TOGETHER with guidance, assistance, encouragement and support individuals can be stronger.

We also see how groups of like-minded, passionate and committed individuals can come TOGETHER and as a collective, a team of many and varied skills and ideas, they can create positive change, impact and support for our community – so together we are all stronger.

Together a stronger community… this is the motto of the community centre says Sarah U'Brien.

Together a stronger community… this is the motto of the community centre says Sarah U'Brien.

This is why at the community centre we are proud to support individuals needing a hand up, some support to lighten the load, some assistance to take the pressure off – because we know that when individuals in our community feel more supported, then they feel more secure, when they can have hope that things will get better, then we all, as a community, are stronger.

Each Tuesday morning we offer a range of assistance to individuals and families who might be doing it a bit tough, who are feeling a little financially overwhelmed and need some help to make ends meet.

Through the Emergency Relief program we can provide assistance with basic household needs such as food, petrol, medicines.

Through our program partners we can provide assistance with utility bills, electricity, phone and water.

This program can also offer linkage with a range of other programs that can provide relief and assistance through financial counselling, no interest loans, tenancy support, housing assistance, legal aid and access to programs to help you pay off fines though Work Development Orders.

We are proud to offer this assistance and support because we know when individuals and families have their fundamental needs met they are stronger, and in turn we are all stronger – TOGETHER.

Anybody can use our services; all you have to do is contact us. You can phone 02 4992 1133, write, email or just drop in and see us at 103 Dowling Street, Dungog.