Dungog Festival improves local destination development

Congratulations to the organisers of the Dungog Festival and everyone who worked so hard to bring this year’s festival to life.

The Dungog Festival and special events continue to play an important role in the shire’s destination development and the exposure the Dungog Shire gets from events such as this cannot be measured.

Festivals like this are great for the economy and what a fantastic boost to the moral for our local community.

It has been many years, in my opinion, since we have seen so many people in town and the Dungog Festival by all accounts has been a wonderful success.

Combining a number of events around the Shire, by all reports has obviously contributed to the success.

The reports from the inaugural Sculpture on the Farm at Fosterton were that the number of visitors exceeded expectations and feedback about the event was very positive.

The  annual  Country Garden Ramble, the Wallarobba Oktoberfest The Dungog Arts Society’s annual exhibition in the Festival Lounge in Dowling Street and the James Theatre have all reported good numbers in attendance and feedback has been all positive.

There were large and diverse crowds in Dungog for the gala street parade on Saturday, another outstanding Long Table Dinner on Saturday night and the Sunday Street Party which once again saw bumper crowds.

No doubt the schedule for Monday including the Long Lazy Lunch will continue what has been a wonderful weekend.

To cap it all off ABC 1233 Treasure Hunter was in Dungog yesterday with stops that showcased the highlights of this weekend’s activities in the Dungog area, namely Oktoberfest, the James Theatre, Sculpture on the Farm, and the Street Parade. 

A great promotion for this weekend in the Dungog Shire.

Once again, a fantastic effort from everyone involved and perhaps a timely reminder of the integral part of any event that our volunteers play.

Community based events such as The Dungog Festival are not possible without a dedicated band of volunteers.

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