Stroud Brick & Rolling Pin Throwing Competition 2018 in photos

IT may not have made a record but organisers say Stroud’s annual day of brick-throwing and rolling pin hurling was one for the books. 

The 818 hatted heads fell short of the record for most Akubra-style hats, but it won’t dissuade committee president Karen Hutchinson from trying again in 2019. 

The Hunter town first competed in 1961 after Strouds in England and America began the contest. It is now the last town competing, but Ms Hutchinson said a challenge may be on the horizon from England. 

“I threw out a challenge to them to come back in 2020 and they said game on,” she said. Sarah Eggers and Largs’ Kurt Livens took honours in the international divisons, open only to certain postcodes. 

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