Mayoral Matters: Nancy Knudsen

HAVING A SAY: David Gillespie MP, federal member for Lyne, who spoke at Clarence Town Progress Association's last meeting.
HAVING A SAY: David Gillespie MP, federal member for Lyne, who spoke at Clarence Town Progress Association's last meeting.

“Be a builder, not a destroyer.” Margaret Thatcher said that, describing how she wanted to be seen in life.

I was reminded of this quote recently by one local woman, her beautiful, wise face framed by a torrent of white hair, who stopped me in the street.

Then she said with a gentle smile: “So, Nancy, never be put off by your detractors. Have you noticed that those who complain the most are often those who do least for the community?”

Well done Bev: One of Dungog’s treasured “builders” is the new president of the Rotary Club, Bev Irwin.

Recently, more than 50 people enjoyed a night at the Dungog Golf Club to celebrate the “new year” of her incoming presidency of the Rotary Club.

Bev has been a stalwart of the community for many years and exemplifies the wonderful tradition of volunteerism. Like our many volunteer organisations, Rotary performs a vital role in community life.

We councillors are continually reminded of the vital importance of the many such organisations in the functioning of the community.

Congratulations Bev, and the very best of luck for the coming year. We need more “builders” like Bev.

That’s progress: It’s always educational to be present at Clarence Town Progress Association meetings.

It was a full house when David Gillespie MP, federal member for Lyne, spoke at last Thursday’s meeting.

He described the list of achievements of the federal government. The conversation ranged from “the governments love affair with coal” to the roll-out of the NDIS.

Cr Tracy Norman attended with me (we are covering each other’s wards these days) to talk about the coming election, poll and referendum.

I talked again about how important it was for good brains and hearts to stand for council.

Good questions were asked and here are some, with the answers:

1. How long will the next term of council be? Answer: Three years.

2. Sometimes in the past there have been only enough councillors to fill the seats, therefore eliminating the need for an election. What if not enough councillors stand? Answer: The council will be formed with the available number and by-elections held.

3. How long will a merger take if that path is taken? Answer: It should be able to occur within the next term of council.

4. Who are the candidates? There are none yet. Nominations open July 31 and close August 9.

Please keep the questions coming. We need to know what is important to you.

Drop-ins: Do you have questions on the coming poll and referendum?

If so, you are welcome to attend one of our upcoming drop-in sessions.

They will be held at Paterson, Dungog, Clarence Town and Gresford. See the council website for details.


On July 25, the rodeo committee are doing their annual campdraft.

They are intending to do it as they did it last year – out in front of the old camp, where everyone can see what is going on.

Even if you have no real interest in the sport of campdrafting, could I recommend that you come on over to the showground and have a look at how this innovation works. One of the reasons that no-one comes to watch campdrafting, is that no-one can actually see what the hell is going on over there!

With this relocated camp, you can see the cattle being picked out, you will see the skill of both horse and rider, in the camp, and the whole thing becomes self explanatory.

You don’t have to stay all day, entry to the ground is free, and the bar will be trading.

You can sit in the grandstand and learn how the one uniquely Australian horse sport works. And the barbecue will probably be going too. Come on down.

Tom Boorer