Dungog Shire Community Centre hosts inspirational speaker Sam Cawthorn

INSPIRATIONAL: Sam Cawthorn (second from right) brought positivity to Dungog last month
INSPIRATIONAL: Sam Cawthorn (second from right) brought positivity to Dungog last month

Last month 130 people in Dungog had the extraordinary experience of hearing  Sam Cawthorn share his experiences of Bouncing Forward.

Sam Cawthorn is an amazing inspirational speaker.

He is an expert in not only bouncing back but bouncing forward.

He reminded us to never take life for granted, through sharing his “kairos” moment, a moment in a life when it is forever changed.

For Sam this was in October 2006 when he was involved in a major car accident, where he was pronounced dead.

He was thankfully resuscitated, but left with an amputated right arm and a permanent disability in his right leg.

It was Sam’s difficult journey that enabled him to develop a mental resilience and strength that gave him the tools to miraculously recover from an accident that could have taken his life. 

Sam spoke openly about his story and life afterwards, from which he developed the concept of Bounce Forward – using your adversity to move forward with your life and take strength and build resilience from adversity.

Sam’s story is simple, yet his message demonstrates the awesome power and strength found within the human spirit when faced with the choice to continue living as a victim of a tragic accident, or to make a choice to seize the opportunity of ‘life’.

Sam’s concept of Bounce Forward was the inspiration for Dungog Shire Community Centre in developing the storm support program: Project Bounce Forward.

The project has taken the principles of Bounce Forward and created a strengths based support program that focuses on ensuring that together we will believe in ourselves and our own capacity, we will create opportunity, we will provide understanding, nurture ourselves and others, connect to information and support and we will empower ourselves and our community to Bounce Forward.

One attendee described it as a “wonderful opportunity to hear Sam talk about how he Bounced Forward.  It has given me strength that I can too.”

Sam congratulated the community of Dungog on its togetherness and the way it pulled together in its time of need to support each other.  – Sarah U’Brien, Dungog Shire Community Centre