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How to master the art of thoughtful gift-giving

How to master the art of thoughtful gift-giving

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Have you ever heard the phrase "it's the thought that counts" when it comes to gift giving? Well, it's not just a sentimental phrase said as a consolation when you open a present to find a pair of ill-fitting polka dotted socks. The best presents can come in all shapes, sizes, and prices but the common denominator is ensuring that your gift is selected and presented with a level of thoughtfulness and care.

Of course, giving thoughtful gifts is truly easier said than done. After all, how do you convey to someone how much they mean to you with just a present? Here, we explore how to master the art of thoughtful gift giving, and how you can become the ultimate giver of gifts amongst your friends and family.

Special moments

There are a few ways you can approach gifting in a non-generic way, and the first is by opting to give personalised gifts wherever you can. Naturally, nobody could possibly have the time and energy to give personalised gifts for every occasion.

But you don't need to do this! In fact, giving personalised gifts is a superb way to both cherish a beloved memory shared by you and your recipient, and to enhance a future 'special moment' as it's still unfolding. This is the reason why personalised gifts make for great anniversary or graduation gifts, amongst other things.

Something that evokes a good memory will always be well received, whether it's a beautifully framed photo of a special event you both went to or a fragrance that takes you both back to a time unique in your lives. Taking the time to reflect on your relationship with your recipient and finding a gift that honours that relationship, is really all you need in order to give the perfect personalised gift.

That being said, just because something is special, doesn't mean it has to be serious. Purchasing something that you know will make them giggle is just as important as finding gift ideas that are heartfelt. Laughter strengthens relationships, and giving a gift that your recipient will find uniquely funny can show a friend, family member, or partner that you're listening and that you care.

Unique interests

Possibly one of the simplest ways to give a thoughtful gift and to be a better friend through your gift-giving, is to cater to your recipient's unique interests. We should always know the special interests of our closest friends and loved ones, so simply taking these interests into consideration when finding the perfect gifts for them can help you give consistently well-received gifts.

That being said, there are some good ways and some better ways to gift with your recipient's interests in mind. For instance, whilst a gift like a voucher will always be useful, this gift idea itself generally lacks heart and imagination. We encourage gift-givers to think outside the box. If your friend or family member enjoys cooking, then purchase them an experience like a cooking class, or a beautiful dinner. Tailoring your present to something they'd enjoy will always be well-received and appreciated.

These kinds of gifts don't even need to be expensive either! They can be as simple as offering a special book to your friend who loves reading, or a bouquet of flowers to your anthophile confidant. Whatever your gift idea ends up morphing into, as long as it's reflective of your recipient's likes and interests and enhances their experience with their hobbies, it will likely mean the world to them.

Difficult times

A time in which a thoughtful gift will likely be appreciated is during a difficult time in your friend or family member's life. A 'difficult time' can vary in appearance, ranging from a difficult period within their mental health journey, to a personal tragedy. It's important when considering gifts given during times of grief in any form, to approach the gift-giving process with tact and sensitivity.

When it comes to gifting for someone going through a tough time their lives, the typical approach of a store-bought item may not cut the mustard. Going to the trouble of making them a home-cooked meal can sometimes say more than words or other sentiments ever really can.

Going out of your way to make your loved one's life a touch easier through your gift (even if your gift is the gift of time!), will show your gift recipient that you care and that you're looking out for them when they can't look out for themselves.

Another potential gift idea that may demonstrate that you're looking out for your friend, is a tailored self-care bundle. The effort and care that's required to put together little luxuries that can help to make someone's day that little bit better certainly won't go unnoticed. These small bundles can include sweet treats, comforting candles, sweet books that will provide laughter and distraction, as well as a beautiful note, reminding this person that they are not going down this rocky route alone.


Many people relish in the idea of gift giving. The excitement of providing a loved one with something that will truly excite and delight them is a wonderful feeling. However, going that extra mile to give them a gift that's thoughtful in more ways than one, will always be appreciated.

By following the tips outlined above, you should be well on your way to becoming a veritable master of the art of thoughtful gift-giving.