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10 Staples every stylish man needs in his wardrobe

10 Staples every stylish man needs in his wardrobe

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So, you're looking to up your style game but you're not sure where to start? Do you go for garish prints to draw attention, or do you purchase eye-wateringly expensive pieces to ensure you've got the best of the best? Read on to find out which ten staples you need to ensure you're always looking stylish.

The Oxford shirt

Every man needs that great crisp Oxford shirt in their arsenal. It's one of those core items that can be chopped and changed for every occasion, so if you find yourself without one, then Qantas shopping allows you to earn Qantas Points when you buy you eligible items from Boohooman (two birds with one stone!).

An Oxford shirt is wonderfully versatile, you can pair it with some chinos and a great pair of polished boots for a classic work style, perfect for that big meeting with your boss. Or alternatively, undo one button and switch to a pair of jeans for a simple but chic date night outfit that your partner will be sure to appreciate.

Great blue jeans

Whilst nearly every man has a pair of jeans hidden somewhere in his wardrobe, a pair of perfectly fitted, blue jeans in a relaxed fit are an indispensable piece to have in your closet. Jeans are an essential item for both men and women as they can be dressed up and down, but also act almost as a blank canvas for you to put your own personal style on.

Experiment by adding some more colour to your top half, or perhaps opting for more layers for a fun but functional look. Dress up with some leather loafers, a crisp button-down and a blazer or down with a simple tee and a pair of sandals, for that Sunday morning, just got out of bed look. You'll never regret this purchase once you find the right pair.

Navy suit

Whilst this is technically cheating as it's not a singular item, it's still an absolute staple nonetheless. The navy suit looks good on everyone. This stylish set will have you looking dapper and put together anytime you need to be a little more dressy and your jeans or chinos just won't suffice.

And, don't be afraid to show a little personality, the simple navy acts as a great base for a plethora of other colours, so layer over an interesting tie, funky socks, and maybe even a pocket square if you're feeling adventurous.

A well-tailored suit will be with you for years to come and can be worn with both pieces in conjunction with each other, as well as separately. You can wear this essential to weddings, cocktail parties, corporate functions, and any other event where the dress code calls for something a little more formal.

Well fitting white tee

We've all been there with the white t-shirt, one day it's a new purchase and the next moment it's turned into a funny shade of grey and is a little more stretched out than you remember.

This just means it's time to pick up a new bunch of these key pieces. The white tee is something you want to shop around for, it seems so simple and yet there are so many different cuts, lengths, materials, and even shades of white to choose from.

However, once you've found the right one you'll never want to be without it. This piece is as essential as underwear, it can be used as a layering piece as well as on its own. It adds warmth and coverage in the Winter, whilst being a simple outfit with the addition of some shorts in summer.

A classic belt

A simple belt is a necessity that every man needs. This piece not only ensures your outfits are perfectly fitted when you haven't had a chance to run to the tailor but also acts as a simple accessory to elevate your style. Tailor it to your tastes, whether it's brown or black leather, gold or silver hardware, it's all up to what you feel you will wear the most.

The casual chino

A chino pant is a great substitution for when jeans aren't appropriate or you're just looking to switch it up a little. Available in a multitude of colours, these pants are incredibly comfortable whilst also looking like you've made a major effort when you put them on.

Pair with your oxford shirt and navy suit blazer to smarten up the pants, or throw on a knit jumper to stay cosy.

The Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot is a must to invest in when it comes to shoes. These boots ooze style and much like many of the other pieces on this list, can be dressed up and down, the number one marker of a great piece.

Once you've worn these in, you'll find they fit your feet perfectly, they make the last step of getting dressed so simple, and they look fantastic when put with just about any ensemble.

The carrier bag

Sometimes, you can just grab your keys and go, and other times you need something with a little more room than your pockets in order to house all your important things, and that is why a sleek everyday bag is such an essential accessory to have.

It not only looks fantastic but ensures your important work documents, electronics and accessories are neatly housed in one place, with room left over to throw in a change of clothes for the gym after work.

Classic knit jumper

There are times when all we want, is to be comfy. And, with a classic knit, your wish is granted, and yet, you don't have to sacrifice style for this.

A classic knit can come in various colours, whether you want to get creative and opt for an artistic orange, or pop of red; but you can also keep it simple by going for a demure navy or black that will work for a variety of different ensembles.

A fun tie

Every stylish man needs a great tie. This is one of the times where you can let your personality shine through in your style, and play around a little more.

If you're looking to stand out go for a funky pattern in a jewel tone, otherwise opt for something a little more sensible shade wise, to look smart and stylish whilst still being striking, in a softer way.

After reading through this list, you'll be equipped to look stylish in every situation. Whether you adapt these tips to fit your own already established personal style, or go out and purchase the entirety of it to ensure you have all bases covered, one thing is for sure, you'll be well dressed wherever you go.