Shabby to chic: The subtle upgrades to revitalise your home

Shabby to chic: The subtle upgrades to revitalise your home

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Name somebody who wouldn't love a makeover! A refresh can be exactly what you need as we enter the new year, but that doesn't have to be contained to your personal style; after all, what about your interiors?

Injecting some new life into your home is the perfect project as we go into your new year. If your home is looking a little outdated, an entire overhaul isn't necessarily the answer, with a few strategic upgrades, your space will go from shabby to chic in no time.

The devil's in the details

Gone are the days when you needed to overhaul your entire interior style to breathe new life into your home. Simply picking out a few key pieces will create the same impact and won't break the budget.

Begin your home's reinvigoration with a beautiful new buffet & sideboards. These versatile pieces can be used in a multitude of areas, so next time your space is looking a little tired, simply move the sideboard from the living room to the hallway and instantly produce a whole new look.

Don't disregard the impact of fresh finishes. By switching out your home's handles, you can give off a chic appearance with minimal effort; opt for a stainless steel or classic chrome to give a polished look.

Alternatively, a fantastic way to brighten up your home is to literally switch the light fixtures, this cheap trick will instantly have you seeing your home in a new light.

If there's something still missing, consider changing up your curtains or blinds. Switching up dust covered curtains for streamlined shutters can change the entire aura of your room, and add to the overall appearance of expense and luxury.

Classic colours

Whilst it can be tempting to reinvigorate your home with splashes of bright colour, these can very quickly turn tired. Instead, going for a neutral palette ensures that your home looks classic and clean.

Fresh white walls exude elegance and give you room to have some fun, by adding colour and texture through accessories; you can much more easily switch out a funky vase for a vibrant coffee table book to stop the space feeling stale.

Additionally, neutral hues create a calm atmosphere whilst also radiating an expensive air, without the expensive upkeep.

Clutter correction

A common mistake with interior updates, is more is more. Adding too many new pieces to your home in order to achieve a fresh feel, will do the very opposite.

It's time to declutter. Take it from Marie Kondo, and get rid of whatever doesn't spark joy. Many of us are guilty of holding onto long outdated items for sentimental reasons, or simply just because we never thought to get rid of it, but a home filled with mess is never going to feel reinvigorated, no matter how many fresh coats of paint or chrome handles we add.

Stripping your home back to just the items that are purposeful is a simple way to breathe new life into an old interior without spending a cent.

Alternatively, if you cannot bear to be without a few extra nick nacks, finding a way to properly store your items is an substitue way to rid your home of clutter.

It is important to make use of all the extra space in your home, whether it's using the area under your bed or taking advantage of the storage in your sidetable, properly tidying up can inject new energy into a room.

Adding the outside to the inside

Keeping your area simple and refined is the ultimate interior upgrade without spending a fortune; but this doesn't mean you can't add some greenery.

By adding strategically placed plants around your home, you are very literally bringing life back inside.

The Monstera Deliciosa has become popular with the green thumbs and interior obsessives alike, as it requires minimal upkeep, only needing to be watered once a week; and with its distinctive shape it doubles as an art piece inside your home.

However, if watering is still too much maintenance for you, there are a fantastic offering of fake plants that provide the style without the need for conservation.

We spend so much time inside our houses, so why not make them as beautiful as they can be.

Whether it's culling your curtains or decluttering your cupboard, never underestimate the big impact a few small changes can make for your home.

Upgrading your home doesn't need to mean major renovations or an interior overhaul, yet by utilising these tips and tricks, your home can go from shabby to chic in an afternoon.