Singleton pasture field day: May 20

This coming Thursday, May 20 the Singleton Pasture Field Day returns.

Held on a Hunter River irrigation farm at White Falls Lane on the outskirts Singleton the day will run from 10:00am to 12-30pm.

The Singleton Pasture Demonstration Site Winter Systems was established in 2018 to give Hunter region farmers the opportunity to visit a site where industry representatives and companies showcase their new and current pasture species.

The site is an irrigated site designed for intensive pasture systems with the focus on maximising home grown feed. This year a dryland component has been added to the site.

The day will be hosted by Hunter Local Land Services and focused on Pasture Management including information on early grazing management, pasture species suitability, fertilizer management, use of growth regulators, weed management, animal health, and supplementation.

There will be local agronomists and sales representatives on hand to present and answer questions. Hunter Local Land Services District Vet and Livestock Officer will also present on animal health implications and the animal nutrition factors to consider.

The Singleton Site is hosted by local agronomist Kyle Ropa in partnership with Singleton Farmers Warehouse.

For further information about this project and the upcoming field days, please contact David Deane. Hunter Local Land Services pasture officer on 0411 108 961 or by email

Lunch will be provided.

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