Dungog comes together in solidarity and support during coronavirus social distancing

It is easy in these current times of stress, strain, confusion and isolation to feel lost, disconnected and overwhelmed. And while this is true for most of us, if not all of us at times, there is also much to be inspired and heartened by.

The support and love our local schools and teachers are giving to all our kids is nothing short of extraordinary. While home schooling is a new challenge that we are all dealing with/embracing (I'm sure it's a sliding scale), without our teachers and the support and resources given it would be a far more difficult experience.

The adaptability and strength shown by our local business sector, the backbone of our community, is heroic, to say the least. Even in these most difficult times they are still donating to our emergency services workers, supporting families doing it tough and trying to keep supporting their staff with an income, all while transforming their business models to meet the new requirements and keep their doors open - if only to take away or take on-line orders.

The Bear Hunt teddy bears appearing in windows, hanging from trees, mail boxes and fences to connect and unite are creating fun and joy in the lives of neighbours and strangers alike.

Then there is the dedication, selflessness and love shown to us all by our medical staff, who truly are on the frontline of this virus and its impacts. There are no words. It also has to be said the families and loved ones of these workers, who support them in their daily grid, who pick them up and give them strengthen to keep going are equally inspirational and generous in giving their person to us to help keep us safe and healthy.

The outpouring of understanding and love that is flooding facebook each day with some many people reaching out and offering what they can to those in the community who might be doing it a bit tough right now - a home cooked meal, dropping off some shopping for those who can leave their home, a random bunch of flowers left on a door step, a love heart in chalk on the footpath. These are the moments that will get us through. These are the acts of care and love that we will remember, that will give us the encourage to keep moving forward. These acts are what unities us and defines us.

So to each and everyone of you - thank you for all the love and heart shown in all you do

While we are all practising social distancing we are all displaying social solidarity.