Shire businesses earn Blue and Green planet status for reducing single use plastic

Dungog is set to become a role model for other towns and communities keen to become single use plastic free.

"We are working with a number of our fellow regional, national (and global) towns and communities who have been inspired to follow our lead," said Michelle Dado-Millynn on behalf of The Single Use Plastic Free Dungog Team.

Just a month on from the end of Plastic Free July and Dungog Shire businesses and schools have earned Blue and Green Planet Statuses from the team.

Blue Planet Status is awarded to businesses who are using 'no more single use plastics' and are recycling/upcycling/composting best practice.

Green Planet Status is awarded to businesses who are ticking at least four 'no more single use plastic' boxes and are using best practice for recycling/upcycling/composting.

Blue Planet Status has been awarded to: Stella Bistro, Wax & Lye, Cafe Dungog, Tinshed Brewery, Chic & Antique, The Magpie, Chic Clothing Co, Country Elegance Gardens & Gifts, Four Acre Farm, The Flower Shop, Dungog Community Preschool, Dark Liquor Dungog, Wangat Lodge and Westwood Providores.

Green Planet Status has been awarded to: Long Room Cafe, Coffee Bean Cafe, Sunshine Cafe and Takeaway, Dungog Hospital, Shaw's Williams River Bakery, Twin Rivers Cafe, Paterson Service Station with ongoing Blue and Green Planet Status awarded on an ongoing basis.

"Congratulations one and all of you and to those who are actively working towards their award," said Ms Dado-Millynn.

"Awesome work Dungog and to everyone who is involved, supportive and pro-actively doing all they can to commit to no more single use plastics, choosing reusables, reducing their waste and recycling/upcycling/composting sustainable best practice."

The Our Cup Rescue program is by all accounts a big hit too.

"A reminder to please empty all liquid from the cups before putting them in the tubes, that's why the sleeves are plastic," said Ms Dado-Millynn.

"The sleeves, cups and lids are Aall upcycled together into 'circular economy' products that come back into the community - reusable R cups, carpark bump stops, kerbing, bike rails, furniture etc.

"Many thanks to our partners Closed Loop/Simply Cups, 7Eleven Australia and Dungog Shire Council who altogether make this possible."

Ms Dado-Millyn also have reminder for residents to recycle their clean soft plastics at IGA, council, library, Local Growers Market (every Saturday morning) or the tip.

"Congratulations everyone," she said.

"Communities working together are making change happen. Think Globally Act Locally. The time is Now to do all we can to help make a difference. Dungog is actively being part of the solution locally, nationally and globally."

The team is also now collecting bread tags and milk bottle lids for the respective upcycling circular economy initiatives Lids 4 Kids/Envision Hands and Tags for Wheelchairs.

Drop off points are at Boomerang Bags Dungog Bees at the CWA hall every second and fourth Thursday of the month and Local Growers Market every Saturday morning. More drop off points are to be announced.