Vacy celebrates 160 years of education with a special assembly

Families representing generations of past students have attended a special assembly to celebrate 160 years of Vacy Public School.

More than 100 friends and family of the school including many past students joined the celebration on Friday, August 9.

As part of Education Week 2019 the school showcased the work of the students, perfectly demonstrating the theme of Education Week: Every Student, Every Voice.

From singing to playing musical instruments to dance routines, the crowd was kept entertained despite the blustery, cold conditions.

A sample of the public speaking abilities of the students from all classes also had the audience both captivated and amused.

Vacy Public School relieving principal Karen Fonti welcomed special guests to the assembly including former student Dr Don Stammer and his wife Lee; past student and P and C President David Williams and his wife Heather, who still teaches scripture at the school; current P and C President Joe Thompson and representatives from the Clements, Booker, Whiteley and Burgmann families.

"Their contributions have helped make our school the hub of this wonderful community," she said.

The school captains Madison McCosker and Lucy Thompson gave an entertaining account of the school's history detailing the first Vacy school opening on September 1, 1859 with 67 students on the roll - but an average of 37 attending.

A new school was later built on the land the school now sits on with the current classrooms built around the 1950s.

By 1974 the school had three teachers. School numbers have continued to grow at the school with 108 students spread over five classes with eight teaching staff and seven non teaching staff.

The 2019 Vacy Public School Education Week award winners were:

Teacher: Lachlan Prior for sharing his diverse expertise in technology through the implementation of engaging and inclusive STEM programs and professional learning experiences throughout Vacy Public School and the wider Dungog community of schools.

SASS: Jacqueline Rashleigh for the commitment and initiative she has shown to upskill her knowledge and improve her practice as a new SLSO to the benefit of all students at Vacy Public School.

Community member - Joe Thompson for the support and commitment he has given to the Vacy Public School community throughout his many years of service as the P and C President.

Student award - Brigette Finlay for engaging studiously in all aspects of her school life and consistently displaying a pleasant and encouraging disposition towards her peers and school staff.

School program - Discovery learning. The program has introduced the staff and students to an alternate pedagogy that has enabled them to make real connections with the outside community.