Clarence Town businesswoman nominated for a Mumpreneur award

MOTIVATED AND NOMINATED: Kez Lucas, pictured with her youngest daughter, Zahra, aged 4, at the Clarence Town cafe.
MOTIVATED AND NOMINATED: Kez Lucas, pictured with her youngest daughter, Zahra, aged 4, at the Clarence Town cafe.

Essential oils have been a lifesaver for Kezley Lucas.

The Clarence Town mother of three was first introduced to the oils when she was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome brought on by a highway traffic incident.

Counselling sessions - in which she had to drive an hour to - were not helping ease her anxiety following being run off the road by a truck at high speed when she had her three daughters in the backseat.

"I used to just cry driving the kids to school 20 minutes away," she said.

Six months later she was introduced to essential oils by a friend, having no previous knowledge about the product other than that they were an ingredient in fabric softeners.

"I felt amazing, I felt like I could actually do stuff," she said of the oils' affect on her.

"I kept thinking, no way, this is all in my head.

"I kept using it and the feeling that I could do things again without being terrified, it just amazed me."

At the beginning of last year when she and her mother went to an essential oils class making baths salts her mother encouraged her to make more products, at that stage for her own use.

She bought almost $2000 worth of oils. At the time her partner had a raised eyebrow, but he has since come around the value of the product and the business.

"I thought this is expensive, this is why people aren't doing this," said Kezley.

"I know people want to try them but can't afford it."

So her Relaxed Souls business was born with the aim of using all natural ingredients and making essential oils more accessible.

"I have an oil for anything," she said.

"I'm all about keeping it natural."

Mum to three daughters, Maddy, 13, Shelby, 8 and Zahra, 4 Kezley can be found most weekends at a market somewhere across the Hunter Valley.

Her kitchen gets a great workout as she develops more products. She also designed the logo and prints and cuts her own labels.

She also makes bees wax wraps with locally sourced wax which she filters herself and likes to support other small businesses.

Kezley has now been nominated for an award by several different sources. The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The AusMumpreneur Network celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation.

Relaxed Souls is nominated in the "Making a Difference Award (Business)" for making a difference in the lives of others which will be determined by people's choice voting.