Bandon Grove Hall hosts cabaret night

Bandon Grove Hall is renowned for hosting some memorable, crowd-pleasing nights and the latest function - a cabaret - was no exception.

Versatile Newcastle performers Su Morley (vocals, violin, accordion and ukulele), David Baker (vocals, guitar and banjo), Chris Gill (clarinet, saxophone and percussion), Marcus Holdsworth (vocals, double bass and sousaphone) and Manny Serrano (vocals, trumpet and flute) presented an enthusiastic audience with "Tramp Steamer Tramp" on May 25.

The group describe the performance as an hilarious vintage 1937 spy/adventure musical cabaret, featuring over 22 classic jug band, jazz and novelty songs.

Hall president Bruce Read defined the event as having "a nautical theme with a cabaret feel."

"A good crowd of around 70 turned up for our cabaret night at Old Lovely and they were treated to some great musicianship by a multi-talented cast," he said.

"Five people on the stage allegedly, but with a quick change of hats, five became 20."