Cairnsmore event the last fundraiser for Catherine and Vic Turrin

Their home has been the venue for countless events raising more than $200,000 for various charities over the years.

Now Vic and Catherine Turrin have said goodbye to historic Cairnsmore - and the Dungog district - with one last charity bash.

Two hundred attendees raised more than $50,000 for Parkinson's and Motor Neurone Disease at "Cairnsmore" on May 11.

Highlights of the event were Professor Dominic Rose's talk on both diseases, giving an overview with frightening statistics, and ex local, Jane Middlebrook (Olsen) who gave a heartfelt talk on her own experience with Parkinsons.

Many of the 200 people who attended are friends of Jane's, or have been touched by these diseases.

Catherine thanked those who donated to the auction and those who bid to reach the total of over $25,000 from a selection of items including beautiful handmade craft, holidays, mystery prizes and beef from Westwood Dungog Providores.

She gave special thanks to the small team of women and men who set up and cooked.

As she says, "they know who they are". One volunteer had actually given birth to a beautiful baby boy not long before.

"It all shows the dedication of people over the years and we're all very proud of what we've achieved," said Catherine.

Catherine started hosting fundraising events 20 years ago with an exhibition and drinks to raise money for spina bifida research and support.

"Over time events have become bigger and better, this being our best effort yet," she said.

"It is a great note for me as instigator to finish on, as Vic and I are moving away. I am so proud of the many people who have been involved. We've probably raised about $200,000 all up, the biggest recipient being cancer research."

Catherine and Vic said they have enjoyed living, raising a family and working in the small but generous community.

They will be remembered for their energy and philanthropy.