Paterson Allyn Garden Ramble | Photos

Glorious sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for the Paterson Allyn Garden Ramble held on April 7.

With more than 150mm of rain falling the month before, the valley was lush and green.

The Paterson Allyn Garden Group (PAGG) showcased five gardens at Paterson, Vacy, Gresford and Allynbrook - some of which had never been open to the public.

"The number of visitors tripled our expectations and the five gardens that were open from Paterson to the Upper reaches of the Allyn River literally took your breath away," said Janie Chandler, President of PAGG.

She said it was an added bonus to be able to include historical homes and gardens in the ramble.

"Many visitors have asked if we will have another ramble," said Mrs Chandler.

"I think that is quite on the cards but not every year. Lady Luck shone upon us this year. I'm sure she will do it again. The garden owners must have been exhausted but deserve the highest praise for presenting their gardens so magnificently.

"Each garden had its uniqueness and charm.

Each garden had its uniqueness and charm

Janie Chandler

"I personally think that wandering these expansive private spaces gave us all a better insight into the stunning valley in which we live.

"It's a bit like putting a few big pieces in a picturesque jigsaw puzzle and the pleasure that brings."

More than 50 PAGG members volunteered. They thanked Julia and Chris Wokes, Robyn and Mark Burgmann, Helen and Tim Capp, Maree Monk and Graeme Walmsley and Louise and Noel Brown for their generosity and far reaching spirit in opening their gardens.