Helping Dungog become "single use plastic free"

Think tank: The  team are formulating new ideas towards a Single Use Plastic Free Dungog.
Think tank: The team are formulating new ideas towards a Single Use Plastic Free Dungog.

Members of the team working towards a single use plastic free Dungog (SUPFD) are busy developing a practical plan for the community to get behind and work together on.

Michelle Dado-Millynn gives an update from the team.

As always the key message is to “Reduce Waste and Choose to Use Reusables”.

We have a wonderful opportunity to put a spotlight on Dungog in more ways than one by becoming a role model nationally and beyond.

Council and many businesses are already on board with responsible and sustainable best practices.

Many of the cafés in the Shire have already signed up to Responsible Cafes: an initiative which encourages the community to bring their own reusable ceramic mug or keep cup for their take away coffee and in turn get 50 cents off the cost.

You can always choose to have a Slow Coffee and take the time to sit and enjoy your coffee in the café. Additionally we are actively looking at ways of closing the loop on take away items.

SUPFD are also in discussions with Council regarding the installation of water refill stations in Dungog Shire.

These will encourage people to use refillable reusable water bottles rather than disposable plastic water bottles. We are working hard to make Choosing Reusables as easy as possible for the community to support and practically choose to do.

The big four single use plastic items: plastic bags, plastic straws, take away coffee cups and plastic water bottles are what we are primarily focused on for alternatives and best practice solutions to first and foremost reduce and choose reusables.

Boomerang Bags Dungog has had great success with helping the community to transition away from single use plastic bags by providing and encouraging alternatives: reusable bags, produce bags, cutlery tote bags (instead of using plastic cutlery), BeeRapt’s bees wax wraps (instead of using plastic wrap).

Learn about our new spin-off initiative Repair & Rewear at our sewing bees every second and fourth Thursday of the month. 

A favourite shirt, torn, can be once again worn.

We can even attach a mix and match patch.

The life of your clothing can be greatly extended because you brought them to us to be thoughtfully mended.

Our ‘Bought To Support’ range is available for a token cost at the Local Growers Market in the CWA courtyard every Saturday morning from 8.30-12 or alternatively at our sewing bees  at the CWA.

We are asking the community to work with us to be proactively working towards single-use disposable plastic free by Plastic Free July 2019.

If we work together we can set a fantastic example for others to follow.

The natural world is in crisis and we have a chance to make a real difference and lead the way as a town by putting a Sustainability Spotlight on Dungog!

Governments, businesses, schools, community groups and households - it's about us all working actively together – caring and choosing to live sustainably, ethically and responsibly with and for the natural world.

This is about our kids and the planets interconnected futures – why wouldn’t we All want to do All we can to ensure and protect that.

The time is NOW.

- Michelle Dado-Millynn