Dungog donations help restore a little girl's sight

The Dungog community has gone above and beyond with the spirit of giving by providing a family the best Christmas gift of all: they’ve given two-year old Shanice her sight.

Born in rural Kenya with cataract in both eyes, Shanice was facing a lifetime of blindness.

When she was born, Shanice’s parents, Milly and William, knew that something was wrong.

They tried to play with their baby and make her laugh, but they wondered if Shanice could even recognise them.

Earning less than $3 a day, Milly and William were left anxious and confused after being told by a local doctor that this would go away.

By nine months old, and living at risk of permanent blindness, Milly was determined to find someone who could help; they were saved when a doctor said there were people who could help – The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Because of the tenacity of her loving parents, the skill of a surgeon trained by The Fred Hollows Foundation, and the people of Dungog who gave us the resources to reach her, Shanice’s story has a happy ending.

Shanice will now be able to see her family and she has the best gift of all: a bright future.

The Dungog region community have donated $58,000 to The Foundation over the past year.

Founding Director, Gabi Hollows, extended her heartfelt thanks to the people of Dungog and said Fred would be amazed by their compassion and kindness to help fight in the ongoing battle against avoidable blindness.

“Without the support of people from Dungog, The Foundation couldn’t have helped so many people like Shanice this year,” she said.

“Our generous donors are at the heart of our Fred Hollows Foundation family, and they help us transform the lives of those living with avoidable blindness.”

“I am so grateful to everyone who has supported our work this year, and the past 25 years.”

For more information about The Fred Hollows Foundation or to help restore sight, visit www.hollows.org or call 1800 352 352.