Stroud Community Lodge welcomes young students

A project involving Stroud Public School students and Stroud Lodge residents has bridged the generation gap to create a special learning experience.

The students visited the lodge once a fortnight during the last two terms of the 2018 school year, writing the residents’ life stories.

After sitting with the residents and asking questions the students each wrote a book which was presented to the resident or to their families for those who passed away during the project

The lodge successfully applied for the NSW Government Grandparents Day Grant which enabled the books to be published and a special morning tea celebration. 

The day was titled the “NSW Grandparents Day, Celebrate grandparents and older people in your life.”

Around 70 people attended the morning tea including the students, residents, family and community members.

The students read some of the stories, and presented the books to the residents. They spent time chatting and sharing with one another, while enjoying morning tea together.

One of the residents said:  “It was a pleasure to have the children come to the Lodge, we have loved talking with them, I particularly enjoyed talking and sharing our Life Stories. It has been a great time for all of us.”

Facility manager Carolyn Harris said the morning was a huge success.

“We hope to continue to provide opportunities for the children to come back and share with the residents, and we are looking to hold another Grandparents morning tea next year,” she said.

“All the feedback from the event was positive.

“The children expressed their thanks, and they loved hearing stories from the residents’ pasts and learning what their experience was like growing up.

“Many of the children expressed that they had learnt a lot, and they enjoyed being part of the program.”