Council to hold information session on Dowling Street upgrade

Dungog Shire Council will run a public information session next Wednesday (December 12) on the $2.2 million Dowling Street upgrade.

The meeting will be at the Doug Walters Pavilion from 6-7pm.

Concept plans of the two options can be viewed at the Council Administration Building, Dungog Library, the Royal Hotel, the Tinshed Brewery and Farmers Warehouse.

Mayor Tracy Norman urged residents to put their views in writing to council.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to have your say on how you want the residential section of Dowling St to look, so please come along to the meeting and please write in to the general manager,” she said.

She said this week in her Mayoral update that due to the considerable difference in height of one side of the road to the other, drainage is a key issue for the new road.

She further outlined details:

One design has a vegetated median strip down the centre of the road, the other has no median strip.

The option with the median strip has pedestrian accesses across the median strip, and a turning bay in one of the blocks.

The option without the median strip will be more costly up front, because of the difficulty with drainage design. It will also result in on-going costs due to the larger amount of pavement.

The option with the median strip has on-going garden maintenance costs, but less pavement to maintain in the longer term. There may be a loss of some parking spaces at this turning circle.

The option with the median strip is preferred by the Traffic Committee, because it will allow for traffic calming.

The option with no median strip has no traffic calming capability. Both options allow for cyclists. There will still be sufficient room to back a trailer in.