Paterson records hottest April night in decades according to Bureau of Meteorology

Prolonged heat has continued to hang around the Hunter as some residents sweltered through the hottest April night in more than 37 years over the weekend.

Paterson recorded an overnight, or minimum temperature of 20.4 degrees on Saturday, April 14 – just 0.1 degrees off the highest ever minimum April temperature recorded in the town.

That temperature – 20.5 degrees – was recorded back on April 4, 1981.

Hot weather has been consistent throughout the entire month of April this year.

Daytime temperatures in Paterson for the month of April so far have been between 26.1 and 34 degrees – above the average daytime April temperature of 24.2 degrees.

But the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a slight reprieve from the scorching autumn conditions with tops of 24 and 23 and showers forecast for Maitland on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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