Student grows his hair - to cut it off

LUSCIOUS LOCKS: For Lincoln Ney, every day is a great hair day.
LUSCIOUS LOCKS: For Lincoln Ney, every day is a great hair day.

Lincoln Ney wants to set the record straight.

Flies, rats and birds do NOT live in his hair.

His long locks have not made him stronger like Sampson in the Bible (though he thinks that would be cool) and he’s never had nits.

“Who would have thought my hair would be such a hot topic of discussion?” said 11-year-old Lincoln.

“I mean we all have it, some just have more than others.”

Lincoln, from Hilldale, said if he had a dollar for every time someone gave him their opinion about his hair, he’d  “be retired by now and driving a Chevy Impala.”

Besides saving his parents David and Tracey Ney “heaps of money on haircuts”, Lincoln says he likes his hair longer because it gets curlier.

“As many people say to me, ’curls get the girls’, as they run their fingers through my hair … which can be a bit weird sometimes.”

He said he also doesn't mind being a bit different and not having to keep up with the latest trends.

But the Year 6 Vacy Public School captain has been growing his hair – so he can cut it.

This weekend his luscious locks will be shaved  to raise money for cancer research and hopefully be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair to chemotherapy.

Cancer has impacted his family who have lost  two close family members in the last 3 years, and have another family member who is currently battling the insidious disease.

Lincoln’s dad David will wield the clippers at a special event at the Hilldale church hall at 1pm on Saturday, February 17.

As well as a barbecue lunch for a gold coin donation Lincoln has other fund raising efforts planned for the event which kicks off at 12pm.

He originally set the goal as $500 but has already surpassed this amount so raised the bar to a goal of $1000.

You can read more about Lincoln’s story on the Do it for Cancer website.