Paterson Allyn Garden group is thriving

The Paterson Allyn Garden Group continues to grow with around 60 members each month enjoying “a walk and talk” in a garden.

The relatively new arboretum that has been planted by group members and the Gresford Community Group will be officially opened on Sunday, October 22 as part of the Back To Gresford Day, organized by the Gresford Historical Society.

Paterson Allyn Garden Group  will have a plant stall at the opening to raise funds for improvements to the arboretum.

In August members were thrilled to see a Vacy garden ablaze with camellias and azaleas and  in September they  visited a Dungog garden which relies mostly on rain.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw this garden after all the windswept days we have had,” said the group’s President Janie Chandler.

Here is more of Janie’s report on the gardens:

“A picture of colour and as for the Chinese Elms that so graciously line the driveway, well you would never see a more perfect avenue.

“I have now seen at many gardens in our valley the superb Viburnum odoratissimum in long sweeping hedges.

“It would have to be one of the most gratifying shrubs to use as a hedge. It’s rarely bothered by pests or disease, has a wonderful fragrance and one of the loveliest leaves of all hedges.”

“As for the exotic purple statice (Limonium), well it was abundant in flower in our Dungog garden and it’s a great plant for dry conditions in and outside the home. 

“If you pick a bunch you can just display it in a vase with no water! Perfect for those like me who forget to water inside plants.  Scabiosa or the ‘pin cushion flower’, looks stunning at the moment and like statice, flowers most of the warmer months.

“Both of these perennial plants love compost.

 “I must also mention my 16 year old citrus orchard that I had decided was going to retain its average form forever…until I bought a couple of truckloads of green domestic waste. .pasteurised  compost.. from   Remondis for the price of the delivery only. I am literally stunned at the growth and health of all my trees. If it were possible to enter the trees in a class at the Gresford Show I bet I’d win first prize!

“Here are the details for the compost if you are interested in having a chat with Gary. His mobile is 0459177431. Yes you will get the odd bit of plastic but it’s easy to pick out. I wouldn’t have had more than a bucket load in 40 tons .The closer you are to Awaba the cheaper it will be.

“Happy watering.”