Twenty candidates have put their hand up for the council election

Dungog residents go to the polling booth on September 9.
Dungog residents go to the polling booth on September 9.

Twenty candidates have put their name forward for the Dungog Shire Council election on September 9.

The candidates include current councillors Nancy Knudsen, Robert Booth and Tracy Norman; former Dungog councillors Steve Low, Glenn Wall and Stephen Farrow and John Preston from the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party.

The ballot draw was held on Wednesday August 9 at Returning Officer Colin Brown’s office at the rear of the council chambers.

The candidates, as they will appear in order on the ballot paper on September 9 are as follows:

Ward A

Nancy Knudsen (Independent)

Tracy Norman (Independent)

John Preston (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers)

Kathryn Abbot (Country Labor)

John Connors (Independent)

Stephen Farrow (Independent)

Wayne Streat (Independent)

Jan Lyon (Country Labor)

Ward B

Group A

Steve Low  (Independent)

David Layzell (Independent)   

Carol Skafte-Zauss (Independent) 


Digby Rayward (Independent) 

Greg Riley (Independent)

Lea Mitchell (Country Labor)

Ward C

Kate Murphy (Independent)

Jennifer Bishop (Independent)

Glenn Wall (Independent)

Lisa Turner (Country Labor)

Robert Booth (Independent)

James Hopson (Independent)