Your say: opinion

Road, rates and rubbish … in the old days, this was what councils did. In the 21st century things have changed – quite a lot.

One of the most important is land management. What people are allowed to do on or with their land. “Development” doesn’t just include casinos, large high rises and destruction of natural habitat. If you are building a shed, starting a small business, fixing a road, putting in a swimming pool, you are undertaking development.

Councils control most local development but they can’t just do what they want. They are bound by their Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans and other legislation. Protections for the environment are built into these plans. 

The planners which help councils develop these plans are strategic planners. Dungog Council has no strategic planners on its staff. This is a problem that cannot be solved even by very large rate increases. The Council is just too small.

Dungog’s land use is primarily agricultural, natural environment and small settlements, combined with growing tourism. We need to be part of a larger council area which can focus on these things.

Councils do not have responsibility for trains, shopping or medical services. These are not things which should influence your preferred poll option.

John and Lisa Connors and Brian Farmer on behalf of the Dungog Community Group


What a joke that council want to suddenly get tough on people selling cars on Hollywood Hill.  Residents have been doing so for so long it has become a tradition. What has prompted council to react now?

If they are reacting to complaints from residents, I would like to know how they decide which resident complaints to listen to? They have had plenty of complaints about other issues but I have seen no action from council, especially in regards to storm water drains and gross pollutant traps that are useless. No action there.  

Council should understand that everyone is equal and we all have the right to be heard. Let that be a message for our councillors. They are supposed to be the voice of the people, so start listening to all of us, not just those who agree with you.

Jane Winiarczyk