Now Hear This | Tom Boorer


So now that the Dungog Council, in it’s new abbreviated format, has had a bit of time to settle in, what can we expect?

Councillor Knudsen has sent around an e-mail, saying

business as usual.

That is hardly reassuring, is it?

The members of the present council must surely have a plan?

They went to considerable trouble to ensure that a merger with Port Stephens did not happen, so they must have an alternative?


The majority out here would like to hear what it is.

In the meantime, those citizens who are in the unfortunate position of having plans and so forth before the council are left swinging in the wind, awaiting a result.

One has only to visit the front office at the council chambers to see the empty desks.

I don’t expect the workload to have decreased proportionally with the number of people beavering away amongst those empty workstations.

And, of course, the state government has increasingly a look of bewilderment and desperation about it.

I believe we can expect little in the way of a result or even a rescue from that quarter.

In my opinion, Dungog is paying a high price for the self-aggrandisment of a few.


Now, everyone will be at the Bush Poets Day at Clarencetown Hall on June 23 at 9.30. Won’t you?

It’s a great day out. And it’s cheap, at $25 per head.

You get music, Poetry, yarns, lunch, probably a little bit of Clarro’s fascinating history, fun, frivolity, and Clarence Town is gorgeous on a sunny day.

Don’t miss it! Sunny or not.

- Tom Boorer


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